Coppergate Helmet

Coppergate Helmet

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  • Coppergate Helmet:Coppergate Helmet Historically Important Anglo-Saxon Piece
Coppergate Helmet is by far one of our most stunning pieces. 

Although it is a worthy addition to even the most exquisite collection, it has been crated with a leather liner and chin strap so it is comfortable and practical to wear for SCA combat and reenactment. When the ancient walled city of York was recovered during excavations in 1982, the Coppergage Helmet was found. This Anglo-Saxon piece is of great historic importance as it dates back to the 8th century. Crafted from 14-gauage steel, it features side plates, a nose guard and a butted ring steel aventail. It is truly a stunning helmet.


Approx. 25 1/2'' around 8'' 
Side to side, 8'' front to back

  • Weight 6.5lbs
  • Crafted from 14-gauge steel
  • Side plates, nose guard and butted ring steel aventail
  • Leather liner and chin strap
  • Historically important

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