Ivory and Black Pinstripe Jacquard Corset
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Ivory and Black Pinstripe Jacquard Corset

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  • Spiral and flat steel boning:Ivory and black pinstripe Jacquard corset made of high quality fabric with modesty panel, steel boning and reinforced channels.

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Beautiful and Sexy Ivory and Black Pinstripe Jacquard Corset.
Boning: Constructed with spring steel bones, both spiral and flat. Be aware that lesser, flimsier fashion corsets are often made from plastic boning.
Channels (Bone Casing): An extra strip of material sewn into the corset to create a pocket, or channel, to hold the steel bones in place. This not only keeps the bones from moving around, but reinforces the fabric for a more durable and long-wearing corset.
Waist Tape: For additional strength and support at the waist of a corset.
Modesty Panel: Also called a lacing guard, this flap of material is usually 5-7 inches wide and attached to the back of corset. The modesty panel is usually fashioned from the same material as the corset and not only protects the wearer from lace burn, but creates a cleaner look as it covers the gap between the lacing bones for a seamless look.

Available in sizes Small - 3XLarge.

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